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Proclamation Cities

Draft Copy

The City of _____________, ______________


 from the office of the


 Yellow Ribbon Youth Suicide Awareness/Prevention Week

 September 7-13, 2014

WHEREAS, Youth suicide is one of the most disruptive and tragic events a family and a community can experience, and
is occurring at a national rate of over 5,000 suicides annually; and

 WHEREAS, Youth suicide is the “fastest growing killer of youth today”; and

 WHEREAS  (your city)         is one of the leading states for youth suicides with at least one youth suicide every week.
Suicide kills youth 3 to 6 times more than homicide. Research shows that almost all youth suicides are preventable; and

 WHEREAS, The issue of youth suicide and how to prevent it is of extreme importance and must be
recognized as an immediate need for awareness and prevention; and

 WHEREAS, Statistics show that awareness, education and action do save lives. Heightened community awareness
will encourage communities to develop strategies to prevent youth suicides.

The City of _______________ is pleased to be at the forefront in leading these worthwhile efforts; and

 WHEREAS, The Yellow Ribbon is recognized internationally as the symbol forthe awareness and prevention of Youth suicide.
It is recognized and used by suicide prevention groups, crisis centers, schools, churches, youth centers/hospitals, counselors,
teachers, parents and especially youth themselves.

 NOW, THEREFORE, I, __________________, Mayor of the City of

(city)                ,      (state)   , on behalf of the entire City Council and _______________

Staff, do hereby proclaim September 9-15, 2012, Yellow Ribbon Youth Suicide Awareness and Prevention Week,
and urge all citizens to work to prevent youth suicide, wear a yellow ribbon and to raise awareness and tolerance
around all people affected by this tragedy.


____________________, Mayor