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Training Programs

Yellow Ribbon is a National Best Practices Program.

People in many roles at all levels of the community should be trained in community readiness and suicide prevention.  Yellow Ribbon’s Core Concept is to provide programs that empower youth/young people, their parents and adults who work with youth (teachers, counselors, first responders, and faith leaders) in learning how to confront the issues of suicide and suicide prevention and to be engaged in suicide prevention effectively at their own comfort level. Having a community with basically trained gatekeepers that can help people in need reach advanced trained gatekeepers/ professional help is key to empowering entire communities.

Goals of Trainings

To follow the recommended sequence: adults first (school/community leaders, professionals), youth leaders, then all youth to:

  • ŸIncrease public awareness of suicidal risks and warning signs;
  • ŸIncrease awareness of simple intervention techniques;
  • ŸIncrease awareness of community resources and how to access them;
  • ŸHelp reduce the public stigmas associated with youth depression and suicide
  • ŸIncrease help-seeking behaviors

Trainings Available

ADULTS: Plan, Prepare, Prevent for community members

  • ŸTraining for Trainers Workshop (2-Day)  > Flyer
    (Can include Youth Leaders (ages 16 & up)
  • ŸSchool Staff  (2-1/2 hours)
    Educators, staff (certified & classified), aides, and volunteers
  • ŸFirst Responders (EMS &/or LE) (2-1/2 hours)
    Addresses your roles as a professional, colleague and civilian; family, neighbor, friend
  • ŸFaith Leaders (2-1/2 hours)
    Addresses your roles as a minister/clergy, community leader, colleague and family member/neighbor
  • ŸCommunity Gatekeepers (community members and leaders) (1-1/2 hours)
    Appropriate for any adult, professional and non-professional.  A community approach of educating and empowering community members in simple, effective tools to be-a-link-to-life filling the gap between people in need and help/resources.

YOUTH/TEENS: Upstream approach on the students’ role in suicide prevention.

CHILDREN (K-5, and the adults who serve them)

  • Ÿ  Adults working with children – suicide prevention training (2-1/2 hours)
  • Ÿ  Children: a primary ‘upstream’ prevention approach so by the time they reach adolescence, help seeking behavior is ingrained.

To learn more about our Training Programs or about communities that have existing Yellow Ribbon Programs, please contact us at

Upcoming training days/workshops   July 14-15, 2016