Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program

Child & Elementary Training


Benefits of Training

Elementary Program

Some elementary teachers, when learning of a suicidal death of a former student have asked “what could I have done, what should I have known, what could I have seen with this child in my class to have helped prevent this tragedy?”  This curriculum is part of the answer to these questions, as it develops the skills necessary to protect children if they become suicidal at some point in their life.

Yellow Ribbon’s Elementary Ask for Help® curriculum specializes in the ongoing development and reinforcement of the following protective factors in children and youth. Many of these protective factors will look very familiar, as they are synonymous with or identical to, student outcomes and support systems listed in 21st Century Skills. (  This curriculum follows the recognized safe messaging prevention practices.

To support the fidelity of this training program, follow the training sequence.

  1. Training for Educators and School staff.  (3 hour workshop, Parents can be invited)
    Section 1: Be A Link!®-E  Gatekeeper Training.  Appropriate for all school staff.
    Section 2: How to use the curriculum.
  2. Parent and Community seminars. (Optional)
  3. Student Training(s) Held throughout the school year (Follow-up session or homework as desired).  It is at the discretion of the school to allow parents to attend student sessions.  (Encouraged by Yellow Ribbon)
  4. Evaluation

Elementary Training Toolbook Review