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Our Mission Is Dedicated To Preventing Suicide

The Light for Life Foundation Int’l/Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program® is dedicated to preventing suicide and attempts by Making Suicide Prevention Accessible to Everyone and Removing Barriers to Help by:

  • Empowering individuals and communities through leadership, awareness and education; and
  • By collaborating and partnering with support networks to reduce stigma and help save lives.

We work to coordinate appropriate education, training and collaboration with local and national resources to build sustainable suicide prevention programs.  

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If you or a friend is in immediate crisis:

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We’ll guide you through the steps and partner with you along the way!

In Loving Memory Of

Mike Emme


The Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program® was founded in 1994 by the parents and friends of a bright, funny, loving teen, Mike Emme, who took his life when he did not know the words to say, or how to let someone know he was in trouble and needed help.

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